Dinner will be a potluck operation, so please sign up below to let everyone know what you're thinking of bringing. We don't all want to show up with the green bean casserole, right?

37,392 people are bringin' stuff:

  1. Dan Coffin is bringin':

    Clam chowda.

  2. Eric & Bronwyn is bringin':

    Main course – BBQ FOR ALL! Pulled pork, pulled chicken (spicy and regular versions), ribs, chicken wings

  3. Lisa W. is bringin':

    Lisa would bring crocodile-on-a-stick, but she’ll be in Australia and can’t make it to the event. Crikey.

  4. Casey Kennett is bringin':

    My momma’s famous Korean teriyaki (bulgogi, yo)

  5. Lark and Jake Krajeski is bringin':

    Trays of mini Italian pastries (fo sho)

    and maybe something else TBD

  6. Gail and Mike Cosky is bringin':


  7. Phyllis Steinberg is bringin':

    Macaroni Salad

  8. Lindsey Taylor is bringin':

    Roasted cauliflower with garlic n stuff

  9. Mae, Mark & Tim is bringin':

    Pizza …. or Scallion pancakes. Maybe even both.

  10. Brian Cosky and Michael Lirange is bringin':

    lots of Fritos, potato chips and dips

  11. Jean Steinberg and John Emerson is bringin':

    salsa and tortilla chips

  12. Meghan Cambell and Nic Ellis is bringin':

    antipasto/roasted veg platters, hummus, baba ghanoush, giant garden salads

  13. Lark and Jake is bringin':

    Change of plan. No pastries. Bringing Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy.

  14. Jean Steinberg and John Emerson is bringin':

    Looks like you are going to need some cornbread so we’ll bring that, too.

  15. Katie Marshall is bringin':

    Cheese and crackers plate

  16. Amanda and Trey Holton is bringin':

    Sweet and spicy meat-a-balls. Do you need some desserty things? I will make some Cadbury Mini egg cookies! YUMMMMMM

  17. Katie and Brandon Henry is bringin':

    We will bring some cut fruit, etc (maybe a dippy like thing too?)!

  18. Anne and Dan Neumann is bringin':


  19. John meredith & emily fleming is bringin':

    Dessert and whatever else is needed just let us know!!!

  20. Ian & Family is bringin':

    A potato Salad, maybe something else, who knows

  21. Laura Sears is bringin':

    Sorry this is so last minute! I will bring some sort of dessert!! 🙂

What dish would you like to bring?